Measuring the ANZACs


Measuring the ANZACs

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measuring the ANZAcs:

Measuring the ANZACs is a citizen science project started by Evan Roberts of the University of Minnesota. The goal of the project is to preserve the memory of our veterans by transcribing and marking their military records. To do your part, mark and transcribe the files of a veteran now.

To get started click, "Adopt an ANZAC." Once you've found one of our veterans, tell us 5 five things about them below through our social media or email them to us so we can share their story, find out how to do this below.


A lot of files will have abbreviations on them so if you get lost, check out the field guide here:

Measuring the ANZACs gets you to type on a history sheet for a randomly selected soldier. From there, click on the purple squares and hit the pencil button.

You'll then be asked to write down what you see in the textbox. It can sometime be hard to read the handwriting of our veterans because of their cursive style, if you can't figure it out, simply move on.

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Once you've marked the sheet, tell us what you found! What was their name? What did they do before the war? Contact us with the information you've researched and we'll add a page on this website about the ANZAC you've found. Contact any of us on our email addresses here:

...Or use our social media channels which you can find on our main page...

...Or by hitting the button below!