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At Gallipoli, New Zealand saw her first innings in the horror and futility of modern war. Even the veterans and of the infantry and rough riders of the Boer War weren’t prepared for utter loss of life that awaited at Gallipoli. All of this horror and devastation however, was nothing compared to the slaughter at Passchendaele. Gallipoli was a disaster but Passchendaele was a tragedy with 18,000 casualties by the end of it all. At Gallipoli, around 7500 Kiwis died, the majority of the 8000 strong New Zealand force that landed there. At Gallipoli, New Zealanders fought under their own flag for the British Empire for the first time since the nation’s inception, yet despite it being remembered for its contribution to our national identity, Passchendaele dwarfs Gallipoli in terms of the real effects on our nation and its people. The sacrifice of those that served at Passchendaele deserves remembrance, just so as the fallen of Gallipoli. The Battle of Passchendaele, to this day New Zealand’s worst military disaster, should not be overshadowed by New Zealand’s first engagement in the First World War.