The controllable plane that made many a Central Powers ace.


Jasta 11

The elite squadron led by the Red Baron himself were all at one stage equipped with the Albatross DIII. This plane gave Germany aerial superiority during Bloody April and gave many of Germany's best pilots their fame.


Ernst Udet

This ace came into his own after the Red Baron was shot down. Udet was the leading ace of the German Empire in terms of victories following the Baron's death and he survived the whole of the First World War and became a leading member of the Luftwaffe in World War 2. Udet had a legendary career before it ended in his suicide as a result of his guilt during World War 2. Ernst Udet found his glory flying the Albatross.


Werner Voss

Before upgrading to a Fokker DR1. as Richthofen did, Voss was known for flying an Albatross with his signature heart on it. This plane taught Voss the sesnibilities of dogfighting that he'd come to rely on during his last stand agaisnt no less than 3 British aces led by James McCudden whom he held out against for 8 minutes before going down. He was regarded just as highly by his friends as his enemies.