Primary Educational Resources

Read All About It!


Primary Educational Resources

Read All About It!

Educational Resources:

Check out the resources linked below to learn more about the Battle of Passchendaele, it’s place in WWI and the lessons we can learn from it. At any time, click on the title at the top left, ‘Blood and Mud,’ to return to the Passchendaele Centennial Competition for New Zealand Schools : Winning Entry.

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The Passchendaele Offensive:

A detailed article by Lode and Sandi Notredame that outlines the events of the action at Passchendaele.


Passchendaele in the context of the Great War:

Iain Mackenzie discusses the place of Passchendaele in the wider context of the Great War in this thought-provoking article.


Lessons from Passchendaele

What are we to learn from Passchendaele? Greg Hall, author of the Great War novel, ‘Good Sons,’ tackles this daunting question.

Further Resources

Further Resources


Further Resources:

Found here are links to high quality resources by other groups and people that will broaden students understanding :


Auckland War memorial Museum:

Besides their own wealth of information, the Auckland War Memorial Museum site features the Online Cenotaph. Search through the cenotaph’s database for the a family member or your adopted ANZAC soldier; if you’re lucky, you may find their photo and files.


Funded by the NZ government, this is the official site for NZ’s commemoration of the Great War Centenary. You will find a huge wealth of interesting articles about some of the fascinating personal stories of the war along with some of the lesser known aspects of WW1. A distinctly New Zealand focused site which is definitely worth exploring.


Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917

Home of the Passchendaele Archives and an impressive site with a wide variety of resources (photos, maps and more) this is the official website for the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917. Based in Zonnebeke, Flanders, the museum also has a number of educational sources and a collection with many fascinating pieces.


Ngā Tapuwae Trails:

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Follow in the footsteps of our soldiers 100 years ago with this interactive site that traces the journeys of NZ soldiers across the world during the Great War. Ideal for both those wishing to visit the sites or to see their place in the history of the war. Explore Passchendaele and the Western Front, the Middle East and Gallipoli with this site.

For the Teachers

For the Teachers


Something For The Teachers:

By teaching Passchendaele in schools, teachers help pass on the memory of New Zealand’s darkest day to the next generation. Not only does this ensure that the greatest sacrifice of NZ soldiers in history is not forgotten, but it also teaches students valuable research skills in accordance with the NZ Curriculum.

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Passchendaele in Schools

Our mission. Click on this link to see why we are developing this site and other resources for use in NZ Schools. In the spirit of the Ypres agreement with Belgium, we are committed to educating the next generation of Kiwis about the sacrifice of our soldiers in Flanders and of our shared history with the people of Belgium.

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Curriculum links

A link to the page on this site which highlights the specific elements required by the NZ Curriculum that students develop through the use of this site.