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Teacher's Comments:

Kim Robertson - Kirkwood School

"We will definitely be using your website with our students. It looks very engaging and well thought out."


Student Voice:

To get an idea about how our resource was received by the students, we decided to put some questions to them to see what their favourite parts were and see how much we helped them learn. The replies were truly uplifting and it is great to see that so many young people are interested in this significant event that deserves to be remembered, and by the overwhelming responses we've had, they surely will be.

  • 5 things you learned about your ANZAC that you got off the Measuring the ANZACs site. Send us a screenshot of the file you had if possible.


  • Tell us what your favourite pages were on our site.


  • Complete one activity from the bottom of the page of your favourite person, Hugh Munce, Edith McLeod, Thomas Griffiths or Otto Schmidt. Email this to me when you're done, it doesn't have to be very long at all. Some of you have already done it.


  • What did you learn from our project? Most interesting fact or maybe how World War 1 turned out to be different to how you expected.


L I'Anson - St Paul's Collegiate:

Adopt an ANZAC,

Name is Alfred Benedict Augustin Nixon, he was a private, service number 38575, lived in Auckland.



My favourite page was Otto Schmidt.

I learned that World War one was much more gory and unforgiving than I expected.

On Otto Schmidt,

Otto Schmidt's last moments were remembered in heroic terms, he died a hero's death.

R Watene - St Paul's Collegiate:

Adopt an ANZAC,

1) My ANZAC's name is Edward James Lachlan

2) He was a normal infantry soldier.

3) He was from Dunedain

4) He survived the battle of Passchendaele

5) He survived the war

I enjoyed the page on tanks as it was informative and caught my attention because it didn't use old footage but did use footage from games I like.

Hemi Maaka Activity

The German's are coming, the boys in the Maori contingency are scared but we've got the blood of our ancestors flowing through us and We will fight to the end!

Most interesting fact on the page:

Machine guns would shoot through the propeller of a plane

Feedback on Hemi Maaka,

I think that it is a cool article on a Maori perspective of the battle of Passchendale.

J Gibbs - St Paul's Collegiate

Adopt an ANZAC,

1. My person was a lieutenant

2. He was killed in action

3. He was from Hawkes Bay

4. He had a wife

5.  He had 2 kids

I liked the Edith McLeod page and I learned that a lot of people died. I liked the page because I found out how many people's lives they saved, and I think that is pretty cool.

On Edith McLeod

Dear Family,

My boat has just been hit, so I am writing this in hope that you read it- if these are my last words. I have enjoyed helping all these people- I feel satisfied with my work, as I have saved many lives, and if I survive, I plan to help many more.

From your loving daughter,


B Foster - St Paul's Collegiate

On Thomas Griffiths,

I liked the way you described him from being sent over to England to learn how to fly.

Adopt an ANZAC,

Cooper Thornhill


HE was a lieutenant

His number is 47952

His last N.Z was Palmerston Otago 

His occupation is a mine manger

His periods of service are: In N.Z 2 years 169 days, Overseas 1  year and 364 days and in total service 2 years and 168 days  

Favourite Page,

My favourite page on blood and mud was the plane page and the tanks page. 

What I learned,

I learned all the different planes and tanks that were used in the war. The most interesting fact I learned from this page that Thomas Griffiths was transferred to England to be taught to fly.    


G Ludbrook - St Paul's Collegiate

On Hugh Munce,

If I was told I had to go to war, I would probably go sell my store and buy as many things as possible and use all my money because I would know that I was probably going to die in the war.

Adopt an ANZAC,

Robert McCombe

- Rank: Private

- he lived on 100 fourth street Dunedin

- he had a wife

- his number is 804882

- before the war he was employed as a telegraphist


-Favorite page would be the planes.

- I really liked the battlefield 1 gameplay i thought it was a really cool feature.



J Sharman - St Paul's Collegiate

Adopt an ANZAC:

Here is my adopt an ANZAC info.Name: Lindsay McNivenRank: 2nd LtUnit: NZFALast NZ address:Campbell St, WanganuiTotal service: 2 years and 303 days.

Adopt an ANZAC,

Here is my solider info and question answers.

Name: Arthur James Bennett


Rank: Bombardier

Unit: N.Z.F.A

Total Service:2 years and 40 days.

Former Job: Tailor

My favourite part of your site was planes and tanks.

Thomas Griffiths Activity,

Dear family war is hell, hopefully I will be back home soon.

Love from Thomas Griffiths

Something I learned from the project was that tanks got stuck in mud and broke down easily and Passchendaele was a massacre for New Zealand.




O barris - St Paul's Collegiate

Adopt an ANZAC,

  Name             Baston Walter Patterson

  Rank              Rifleman

                        Killed in action

No.                  53161

Name: Samuel Fergus Hunt

Number: 56924

Rank: Private

Killed in action

Served for 1 year and 358 days

Second soldier,


George Mclachlan


Birth: 16 september 1891 Milton Scotland



 5,7 tall

148 pounds

Blue eyes

black hair

sallow build


My favourite part was the tanks because of the gameplay and seeing what it would be like in a tank at Passchendaele.

That so many new Zealanders died in a very short space of time. It was one of the bloodiest wars that NZ was in.

O Chapman - St Paul's Collegiate

Adopt an ANZAC

I learn that he lived in Wellington  He was a lieutenant colonel and his name was Alexander Barmet Charles

Favourite Page,

The tanks page.

Favourite Person,

My favorite person was Otto Schmidt because he was trying to organize his men but over the noise, he could not hear the explosion that killed him.    

Hugh Munce Activity,

Missing the family I want to come back war is horrible I wish I didn't have to go. Hopefully see you soon. 

I learned that 100,000 new Zealanders went to war during this time. 

On a side note, this student was particularly proud as he found the highest ranking ANZAC out of all those in his class.

S Bodle - St Paul's collegiate:

This is my anzac.


2. My favourite page on the site on your website was the tanks. 


3. Otto Smcmidt joined the army because he could get better meals because he was already poor.


4. I learned that the battle of passchendaele was also called the mud war and that fighting was between the allies and german empire.


Jason Ma - St Paul's Collegiate

Adopt an ANZAC,

His name was Rii Kanawia, 2nd Lient, Farmer,  Ruma Kanawia was his wife, He was awarded British war medal & Victory Medal.

Favourite Page,

My favourite pages were the Tanks and Planes also about Edith Mcleod, because Edith was the most interesting to me and that Edith was the only woman that was talked about in the whole page.

Edith McLeod Activity,

Dear Ma and Pa

War is scary, I really wished I was back home right now, with the rest of the family.  

Love Edith

I learned about many of the people who were involved in the war, Like Edith was a Nurse, Otto was a former hunter, Hemi was a labourer from Northland and some other people. I also learned about many of the consequences e.g how many of the soldiers left their families behind. 

C Colquhoun - St Paul's Collegiate

Hello there

My answers to your questions were

1. James Alexander was the lad I got.


- He was a sergeant

- His total service was for 3 years and 241 days

- The day he was discharged was the 9.2.19

- He served in New Zealand for 145 days

- He was number 6/3005

2. My favourite page on your site, Mud and blood was the planes page

I found it really interesting and informative. It was real good how you had 

pictures to go with all the planes.

3. Today 21.9.17

Thomas Griffiths was shot down from his plane

over the western front he sadly passed away with a short death

Your thoughts are with us. I am sorry for your loss

4. Over all I learned a lot about passchendaele and the wars and horrors that went down there.

I came into this topic not knowing anything about this but now I have learned a lot about the

 people and how they got on there, why they joined and how many tragic deaths there were. I

Also really liked the planes section of your website I found it really interesting the videos and pictures really

helped to further understand.



I Reay - St Paul's Collegiate

Five things I learned about my person Austin Leopold Kelly. He fought in every battle that New Zealand fought in. He obtained the British war medal. In his records there is a piece of paper covering his name and rank. He is from Wellington. He served 2 years and 145 days. Tanks was my favourite site because it helped showing how many technical advances have happened in the military. If I was Hugh Munce and I saw there was a transcript about me I would be proud and extremely happy. How devastating World War One was for us having several failed battle attempts such as Passchendaele and Gallipoli and how 18000 people devastatingly lost their life.


F Cave - St Paul's collegiate

It was well designed and lots of good facts in it. 

T Came - St Paul's Collegiate

I like how the website looks very tidy and professional.

L Lempriere- St Paul's Collegiate

It is very good it is realistic.

S Lints - St Paul's Collegiate

It's good how it looks so realistic,  I think you should put sound on the videos though.

O Coxhead - St Paul's Collegiate

I like how neat and tidy and organised the site is and how easy and simple it is and about the New Zealanders who went went to that battle (Hemi Maaka).

T Rickman - St paul's collegiate

I think your website you have made is really cool.