Fokker DR 1.

The iconic three winged plane made famous by Manfred von Richtoffen, the Red Baron.


Serious Firepower

Taking full advantage of Fokker's synchronisation system, the DR1. features two MG08/15 8mm machine guns in a forward firing position allowing the pilot to reload and clear any jams from the safety of the cockpit and accurately aim his weapons.

Three times the mobility

With three wings, this plane was able to make some nifty maneuvers and out turn many of the best biplanes the entente had such as the SE5. This plane was no slouch in the speed department with a wicked quick 185 km/h maximum velocity. This plane was vastly superior to the Sopwith Tri-Plane equivalent. Amazing but not invincible, this plane had some weaknesses in its wing design and had poor vertical visibility allowing entente pilots a window of opportunity from above or below.


Manfred von Richthofen

Flying the infamous all red DR 1. number 425/17, the Red Baron racked up his aerial victories whilst flying one of these awesome machines. The DR1. was a vast improvement over the albatross which Richthofen had made his name. The Red Baron had to give up on making his silver cups for each of his victories as he was attaining too many kills and there was not enough silver on hand for them to be made.


The Red Baron’s Victory Cups

Richthoffen marked the number, type of plane and the date of each victory on silver cups.